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We share our experience and knowledge in order to help the healthcare facilities in the most efficient way. Leading the team are:

Adam Roślewski
Management CEO

Doctor, longtime local governments employee as the deputy of the West Pomeranian Voivodship Doctor and City Doctor in Szczecin. Reformer of healthcare in the city and in the whole country – he was the first in Poland to introduce the family doctor model. In 1992, he established ZUK Know How which aids medical units and their founders to this day. As the Know How CEO, he keeps sharing his knowledge during the development of operating strategy and restructurization plans for medical unit. At the same time, however, he also develops new projects. He is a co-founder of the independently operating hospital chain – Grupa Nowy Szpital; he is also the initiator of the chain of clinics (previously – Grupa Medyczna BC).

In private, he is an incredibly calm person who feels the best near his loved ones and among nature. He prefers the time spent with a good book above any other activities.

Piotr Świniarski
Vice President of the Management Board
Graduate of Finances and Banking as well as of European studies with the speciality “business and international finances”. He also finished post-graduate studies of Accounting according to the international standards of financial reporting (MSR/MSSF) and passed the exam for the candidates for the Members of the Supervisory Board of State Treasury Companies.He began working in Know How in 2007 as a consultant, since 2012 President of the Consulting Department since 2017 Vice President of ZUK Know How. He audited and developed many restructurization programmes for medical units. Expert in analyses and financial forecasts, conducting budgeting process and current controlling. In his career, he also was a member of the Supervisory Board in Nowy Szpital in Kostrzyn near Odra. At the moment, he is a member of the Supervisory Board in Nowy Szpital Holding S.A. In private, he is a social butterfly, a large sport fan, enjoying both playing and watching it.
Iwona Kloczkowska
Management board member, accounting officer
Absolvent of economy and post-graduate studies concerning finance management. Over the years, she gained experience concerning design, restructuring and managing the FK, HR and controlling in large facilities and in the international environment. She participated in the project of successfully introducing the company to the market. She was responsible, on behalf of the parent company, for coordinating the process and preparing consolidated accounts, including those according to MSR/MSSF and the rules specified for the public subjects (listen on GPW in Warsaw and the bond market Catalyst). She gained experience in billing of calls and acquisitions of companies, implementing modern software supporting management. She has a verified by the Minister of Finances testimony qualifications concerning taking care of bookkeeping services. Ambitious, competent and successful in her endeavours. She enjoys working with people and can do it well. In private – she loves animals, skiing, photographs and eagerly creates floral compositions.
Czesława Taszarek
Office CEO, Proxy
She began as a nurseries designer in Szczecin. She became an official by accident, but she had the imagination – this is how her adventure with Know How began. She is an efficient administrator and coordinator. Successful with contacts with local government partners. She feels the best in the background, she likes people and working in a team. Artistic, has multiple interests which are unrelated to her job – so many that it is difficult to list them all. She reads, loves music, creates decorations and floral compositions.
Michał Holicki
CEO of the Union Grants Centrum
Affiliated with the Union projects since the year 2006. He began as an employee of the Regional Employment Office in Szczecin – the institution responsible for implementing in the West Pomeranian Programme of Operating Human Capital in 2007 – 2013. In the office, he worked as the programmes expert, the supervisor of projects and was a member of the Evaluating Projects Commission. Since the year 2010, an employee and then the manager of the Union project ward in a big consultancy company in Szczecin (at that time, a creator and coordinator of the training project „Modern medical personnel” , within the framework of which 700 employees from medical units from the West Pomeranian voivodeship had been trained). Since the year 2011, the owner of the consultancy firm Euro-Dotacje. Since then, he has been the author and coordinator of many Union programmes conducted for leading consulting companies.

Our Experts:

Małgorzata Kosiewicz
Małgorzata Kosiewicz has been working in the healthcare area since years. She began as a nurse, later as a ward nurse, head nurse, deputy of the chief operating officer and, finally, as the president of the Nowy Szpital in Kostrzyn near Odra. She is an absolvent of management and marketing specialising in managing an enterprise; she has higher education concerning management in the health service area and management of the quality systems. Currently, she is an consultant of ZUK Know How and vice-president of the board Evomed Sp. z o.o.
Artur Malejka
Graduated the studies of medical rehabilitation is the Wrocław Physical Education Academy. He acquired the post-graduation education concerning management of the healthcare units and social security. He also passed the state exam for candidates of supervisory boards. Ex-director of the clinic centre in Polkowice. Since 1999, responsible for the medical rehabilitation in the Lubusk Local Health Insurance Body. In the Lubusk NFZ department, he had supervised specialized medical care and rehabilitation. He became his cooperation with Know How and Nowy Szpital group in 2007. In 2008 to 2012, president of the hospital in Świebodzin belonging to Grupa Nowy Szpital. During this time, he had also been a local president responsible for the GNS hospitals in Kujawsko-Pomeranian voivodship. Vice President of Porta Medyk Spółka z o.o. in 2013-2015
Konrad Araszkiewicz
Graduated the humanities studies in the Szczecin University, where he gained Master’s degree. He also studied post-graduation studies in the scope of financing and MBA Studium in the Szczecin University. Employed in Terapia Plus in the year 2009 as the executive board president. After that, he had been into the board of Nasz Doktor Spółka z o.o. Since the year 2016, he had been a vice president of Evomed. Husband, father of two daughters and big enthusiast of bridge.

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We have been on the market since the year 1992 and change dynamically. Our 20 people personnel is a mix of experiences of practitioners and theoreticians, medical and economical fields. Working with us are graduates of economy, finances, mathematics, IT as well as medical studies and social health studies.
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