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One should learn from the best but at the same time, it is possible to avoid the mistakes they commited. By the comparison with the base of the analogical medical units (benchmarks) we will get to know how our unit functions compared to the competition offering similar medical services.

Benchmarking Service

Benchmarking service concerns analysing the data gathered from the hospitals and presenting the results in the form of monthly report. These indicators have been developed in the way to make it possible so everyone, regardless of possessed economical knowledge, would be able to interpret them. 7 kinds of indicators were chosen, determining:
  • profitability,
  • debt,
  • turnovers,
  • medical activities,
  • paramedical activities,
  • financial-medical activities,
  • personnel.

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benchmarking reports service

"The service of aiding the budgeting and controlling process in the hospital concerned mostly determining the budgets of each organizational cell and benchmarking of the results got by the Hospital in comparison to the other medical units on the market. All of these works have been conducted accordingly to the subject of the contract, within the deadline and in a professional way. Therefore, we strongly recommend cooperation with ZUK Know How as they are a reliable, competent partner when it comes to the consulting in the scope of management in the healthcare area."

dr Andrzej Pietruszka

CEO of the Healthcare Centre in Łęczyca

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