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This offer is is directed to units operating in the form of SP ZOZ as well as to doctors having own individual medical practices.
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You run an individual family doctor practice and have permanent population. Everything works as it should and yet there seems to be not enough strength in you to take care both of healing and administration? Would you like to retire yet feel badly about leaving the brand on which you worked so hard since maybe it could be profitably sold?
Or maybe you still operate in the form of a partnership?
You do not rule out the possibility of broadening the range of operating, opening a new branch?
It is the right time to change the legal form of operating.

1. What can be gained by changing the legal form?
  • Acquiring an unit which can be freely managed in the light of the law. There is no possibility of individual sale or group medical practice.
  • Possibility of disposing of the brand which has been operating since years in the specific areas without huge changes for patients, losing agreement with NFZ and with securing the interest of the local population.
  • An emergence of the possibility of gaining capital for investments in the unit – easier gain of a bank credit, possibility of selling the shares and getting funds this way.
  • Ability of resignation from administering the clinic. You could focus only on treating patients or development of other enterprises and give the management to, for example, president.
  • Responsibility of the owner being only up to the start-up capital and the appointed president being responsible for the proper functioning of the facility.

2. How does it work? Changing the legal form, for example transforming an individual medical practice into a limited liability company Changing the legal form equals getting through a lot of problematic procedures essential for the whole transformation process. We will take care of all the formalities: from the assessment whether the construction and sanitary requirements are being met, through the complex legal and auditory aid, submitting the necessary applications in GUS, KRS, Registry of the Units Conducting MEdical Operations, up to co-operating with the sanitary-epidemiological station, purchasing liability insurance and preparing agreements with the medical personnel. Furthermore, we will provide consulting in the scope of most beneficial tax solutions (consultations with persons entitled to it) and share our experiences which we gained during conducting other transformations.

3. There are many options:
  • Finding purchasers wishing to purchase the medical unit
  • Gaining shareholders and, thank to it, capital
  • Gaining funds financed from bank
  • Broadening the scope of operating, creating new branches in other cities
We also have experience concerning gaining investors and expanding the medical offer of the ambulatory units.
During the time where there are no surplus services, it is possible to help the medical unit in balancing in another way, different than cost cutting. Transforming the facility into a company governed by Commercial Law opens before you new possibilities – raising the profits coming from the commercial services.
Transformation is a challenge which requires careful preparation, not only from the legal side. We will help you with filling documents, advise which scopes of commercial medical activities would be available to you without costs and in which should you invest; we also will prepare a business plan and strategy for the new facility.
Go without troubles through the transformation process and make use of the potential which comes from the continuously developing health services market. Gain:
  • raising the profits of the healthcare facility by expanding the scope of its operations and introducing additional commercial operations,
  • familiarity with the essential processes enabling the optimal functioning of the healthcare centre,
  • rationalization of the scope and organization of the health services,
  • development of the offer of the health services,
  • adjustment of the facility so it could function in the market conditions,
  • improvement of the management process,
  • preparation of the detailed schedule of the SPZOZ transformation into a Commercial Law company,
  • help in creating the documents accompanying the transformation process.

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